What are YOU watching tonight?

Looks like Gillian still ships Mulder/Scully too.

Mindy Lahiri: Panty dropper extraordinaire.

Did you know it’s Eggs Benedict Day? How Cumberbitchin’.

The fallout from last week’s shocking episode continues on Chicago Fire tonight

Tonight we’re tuning to New Girl, Chicago Fire, The Mindy Project and The Voice. How about you?

Spooky! Not long after posting the trailer for @SalemWGNA, this arrives from Space

New Girl’s Max Greenfield does double duty with Jess & co. and then on The Mindy Project tonight! 

Who’s ready for something wicked? 

• Fargo leads reveal how they get into character

• ‘Awkward’ star goes double down for Season 4

• Should TV networks back off on their coverage of Flight 370? 

• Who wants to open another ‘Office’?